Cat's M/M Fiction - Claiming Credit

Couple Information

Ruben Jackson - Top

Age: 39
Height and build: a trim and toned 6’1”
Eyes: turquoise blue
Hair: soft grey, wavy.
Started going grey at 25, didn't let it bother him.
Facial Hair: close trimmed moustache and beard, also grey.  

Mitchell 'Mitch' Bowen - brat
Age: 23
Height and build: attractive average 5’9”
Eyes: green
Hair: dark brown shaggy crop
Facial hair: none, clean-shaven

Relationship Status: couple, ten months
Relationship Type: Top/brat, domestic discipline

Story Title - Claiming Credit
Mitch is dragging his feet over a work project and Ruben is losing patience

Story Style - traditional Top/brat discipline fiction

Author - Cat

Story Status - almost complete