Hope House - A Very Fishy Tale

Hope House


Chapter two

A Very Fishy Tale

  Nat has some explaining to do

Hope House

Two – A Very Fishy Tale

Nat has some explaining to do

“You do love me don’t you, Gord?”

“Repeat the question in an appropriate way and I might answer.”

“You do love me don’t you, Gordon?” Nat did as bidden, giving his partner his full and proper name. He had never liked his name being shortened, dismissing Nat’s claim it was affection rather than ‘a cheeky challenge to authority’ that prompted it.

“There’s still a hint of attitude there, but we’ll let it pass for now. And, in response to your question, how can you even ask, after what we’ve just done, you daft man?”

“Well, I don’t usually find myself naked and face down over your knee after a passionate lovemaking session.” Nat tried and failed to keep a pout out of his voice. “As foreplay goes this is a bit on the late side and, just so you know, it isn’t turning me on, not one bit.”

“It isn’t meant to, my poppet. This isn’t play. My lust has been sated and my seed expended and now there’s other business to attend to.”

“It’s a bit late for business matters isn’t it? Can’t it wait until morning? What is it anyway, did I misspell an item on the grocery list I left before I went away?”

“Don’t be flippant, and no it can’t wait until morning,” said Gordon bluntly. “Unless you can give me a good, a very good, explanation for the smell I finally traced to a plastic bag in the bottom of our wardrobe, and the contents therein, I’m going to tan your backside until it resembles a morello cherry.”

Resisting an urge to ask if it would count as one of his dietary essentials, Nat closed his eyes, silently cursing himself for not having removed the bag prior to going away. Damn, he’d meant to do it on more than one occasion and it had always slipped his mind. It made him wonder if was getting early onset dementia. It would be just his luck to lose his marbles before he’d finished playing with them, and trust Gordon to turn sniffer dog. He launched a distraction attempt. “Five days I’ve been away, five days at a boring conference,” he gave a calculated pause, “raising money for Hope House and this is all the thanks I get - a threat of actual bodily harm. And you claim to love me. Shame on you.”

“Money?” Gordon’s hand paused in its upward flight.

Nathaniel gave a smug smile, and then yelped as the hand descended. “OW!”

“Keep the noise down if you please. It’s late. I don’t want you disturbing everyone. It’s been a long enough day as it is.”

“Well don’t wallop me then, that’s the simple solution.”

“I’m very cross with you.”

“No you’re not. If you were really cross you’d have taken me down to the dungeon by now.”

“Laundry room, Nat, not a dungeon. We’re not engaged in BDSM play.” Gordon rubbed the red mark he’d just imprinted on his partner's bottom. “I haven’t ruled out a trip down there.”

“Don’t kid yourself. Now, if you’ve finished playing macho man, kindly let me up. I’ve still got my case to unpack. It would have been done by now if you hadn’t waylaid me with your insatiable lust.”

“The case can wait until morning.” Hauling Nathaniel off his lap Gordon grasped him around the waist and lay back on the bed pulling him on top of him. “Tell me about the cash, you wonderful man.”

Nathaniel smiled. “I took the opportunity to do some fund raising while I was at the conference. It relieved the tedium. Some of the speakers droned on for hours. I got some good donations too, enough to cover the repairs to the roof at least. Winter is coming on and I don’t fancy indoor snow showers.”

“Thank you, precious.” Gordon kissed Nathaniel’s forehead.

“This place means as much to me as it does to you, Gordon.”

“I know it does, darling. Now tell me about the goldfish I found mouldering in the wardrobe.”

Nat sighed. Clearly his distraction technique needed brushing up on. “Promise you won’t be cross.”


“Promise you won’t discipline me then.”



 “Start talking or I'll start spanking. I want an explanation.”

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