Cat's M/M Discipline Fiction: Hope House Stories

Hope House Stories revised and updated 2017


To quote the words of a song by the late Kirsty MacColl: “there’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis.’ That being the case, then chances are he’s on day release from Hope House, a last stop refuge for some of the misfits of this world – those who the psychiatric profession have washed their hands of and the rest of the world would rather forget.

Some come and some go, some stay and some don’t know when or if they want to leave Hope House. A refuge can be permanent or temporary, depending on need and who’s to judge what the need should be for each individual? 

This is a work of fiction set in a fantasy universe where anything can happen. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is completely intentional, no, really, I mean coincidental. Hope House does not pretend to reflect real life psychiatric practices, opinions or treatments. To reiterate: it is a work of fantasy and fiction.

Gordon Trapp and Nathaniel Andrews, as introduced in prequel ‘Out of Tune’ unconventionally run Hope House.

The years have flowed by since the events of ‘Out of Tune.’ Gordon and Nat have created a family of a kind. Like most families they have their problems.

The Long Weekend

A leaking roof, invisible angels, stressed out goldfish, battling teens, horrible neighbours, undead mothers, singing nuns and secrets surfacing - it’s another long weekend at Hope House.

Nat drops a bombshell after returning from a conference, and, as his partner Gordon soon finds out, it’s just the tip of an emotional iceberg.

Chapters One to Three


Chapter Four Added.


Out of Tune

A Hope House prequel


Psychiatrist Gordon Trapp returns from a trip abroad to discover that his young would be lover has conducted himelf less than admirably in his absence. He decides that it's time to take Nathaniel Andrews firmly in hand.  

A year passes and Nat and Gordon's unique relationship is tested when a conflict of interest arises between them.  Nat seems determined to flout Gordon's authority...but why?

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