Martin and Laura Stories

I wrote a whole bunch of stories featuring a young lad by the name of Martin Mitchell. The stories span Martin's life  from child to teen and beyond. There are so many stories it would take me years to fully revise and put them into order. The stories focus on Martin, his cousin Paul and their friend Laura. They focus on family life with all its dramas and complications, as well as on the nature of relationships.

The time lines are a bit random, depending on how the stories came to me, I kind of jumped back and forth in time.  If you like reading these little stories and would like me to continue to post them, then let me know.

The very first story in the series is called 'Kingfisher Sunday' and it tells the story of Martin's birth and introduces his parents Thomas and Evie who are an integral part of the stories. So far it is the only Martin story to be fully edited and polished. As well as being an intro to the Martin and Laura universe it is a story in its own right and worth a read. It's available as an Amazon Kindle Ebook

You can find an excerpt here:

 The Fifties

Concerning how Martin met Laura and other stories

God's Own Shop

 The Sixties


It's April 1960 and there are sad days ahead for the Mitchells

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Martin and Paul's Christmas

The Christmas of 1962 proves one to remember for so many reasons.


The Summer of 1963

Part One

Part Two

Fun, Frolics and Mischief as adolescence takes a grip




Martin and Paul get up to Bonfire Night mischief , and live to regret it!